Types of best engagement rings: what is your favorite?

Your big day is approaching you still have doubts about the type of engagement rings to choose. If you are not looking for something specific, in our online store  you can find a selection of the most popular among our customers.

Remember that the choice of jewel is not everything. Even on thin rings it is possible to add a small inscription that defines your love. Try to have the necessary space to ask your jewelry to carry out the most appropriate engraving . The choice of the wedding ring is not everything, make it more perfect with a phrase and / or symbol that represents your union.

Discover the most popular engagement rings

In this area we can find a wide classification of rings . The fashions are those that mark which are the favorites. That is why in this post we want to show you the most popular today.

Each design hides a different meaning. Before making your final decision, at Bernat Rubí we encourage you to look at the details that each jewel hides. Prepare yourself the why of each variation.

engagement rings
engagement rings

Types of engagement rings and their meaning

1 · Solitaire

A whole classic. This style is one of the few that remains over time among the most chosen by users. This type of ring allows playing with diamonds of different shapes and settings, in this way it is able to adapt to the tastes of each person .

It has a single diamond that, as we said, can vary in shape, dimensions and setting to suit the consumer. This is where its meaning lies: a diamond, a love .

2 · Half alliance

One of the engagement rings designs that is easier to combine with all styles. It stands out for covering half of the ring with a row of diamonds fastened with claw or channel setting.The fact that the stones only occupy half a ring refers to half eternity .

engagement rings
engagement rings

3 · engagement rings with rail

Also known as Eternity , it is a variation of the previous model. It consists of decorating the entire band with a row of precious stones. Its meaning refers to an infinite, eternal love.

It definitely symbolizes the unity of the couple , in which there is neither a beginning nor an end.

4 · Vintage style

We present you the jewel of the most nostalgic. Its style is classic when playing with floral designs in its settings and diamond arrangement. Vintage is in fashion in many areas , not only when it comes to jewelry.

5 · Trilogy

It stands out for being headed by only three diamonds. The sizes are usually the same or larger than the stone located in the center.

This design comes to signify the concept of past, present and future . Hence, the most common is to make the centerpiece larger.

If you are looking to make the moment of your request even more memorable, at Bernat Rubí we have the best ideas. In our blog you will find the best selection of songs for your dinner order . Take the time to prepare that great common start, it will be worth it.