Trendy Wedding Rings

Choosing wedding rings fashion for a wedding for the bride and groom is not only making fun before the wedding, but also an important event. The practice of exypechanging rings has been around for centuries and is seen as a symbol of love and devotion to each other. The round shape of the ring represents the imperfections of young people and their love, never ending. There are many wedding rings, and it is up to the bride and groom to decide which one to choose, because they are the ones who wear these jewelry without taking away their whole life.

History of events

The history of wedding rings began in Egypt Egypt, when the Egyptians came up with the idea of ​​symbolizing the time of marriage, that as a sign of this stable event some of his memories will remain. They began to exchange houses-made-short rings, signifying to the ancients their love, which they would go hand in hand with.

According to preserved history, the creation of a custom with wedding rings has long been discussed – even before the start of a new one. What is moral, this tradition is equally respected in the Western Hemisphere and the East.

This custom came to Christians, who already had a different meaning, they just got married, exchanged wedding rings, and thus showed each other their eternal love and devotion. It was about a thousand years ago.

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What is the difference between a wedding rings and a regular one:

Loyalty is a character

The rounded shape of the engagement ring has neither beginning nor end, meaning eternal love between spouses. This ring is usually round in shape and is not decorated with stones or any other accessories.


The shape, metal and design of the wedding and wedding rings should be the same and vary in size.Today’s fashion jewelry can be made from a wide variety of materials. It can be titanium, stainless steel, or really compact, the rings are so strong that they are not afraid or crushed. But the finest gold is still the choice for sticky fashion to do.

Customs in western European countries include the wearing of a wedding rings on the left ring finger. This is an ancient tradition based on the ancient belief of a “neck of love” that connects this finger to the human heart. It is believed that the engagement ring on this finger will be a symbol of love and devotion. Today, this custom in European countries has become a moral code.

But why is it not so in some lands, for example, among Orthodox Christians and among Eastern Europeans? What guides them? It is customary to wear a wedding rings on the right ring finger. It turns out that everything is simple, and such a custom is interpreted translated from Latin. It turns out that the word “left” in Latin sounds like “sinister”, meaning “evil, evil.” And the word “right” is “dexter”, which is already associated with different concepts – with dexterity, agility and skill. So it turns out that the left hand is wrong, and the right hand is real.