Tips For Motorbike Spares In Winter Driving

Special attention motorbike spares is required to drive in the cold season. If you are distracted from the road for only a few seconds, this could result in an accident. Here we are going to tell you about how to behave on the road in winter and how to avoid problems.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Top 5 Winter Road Hazards


The grip of the wheel on the ice is minimal. With just a careless movement the car will start skating. In addition, it significantly increases the stopping distance.

Freshly fallen snow

It can hide various obstacles that can cause a traffic accident.


On many occasions, it causes gliding over sleet, a phenomenon in which a layer of dirt, snow and water forms between the tire tread and the road surface. Given a loss of contact with the road, the car cannot be braked, accelerated or maneuvered.

Poor visibility

The windows can be clouded by cold, snow and temperature changes. Under these conditions, it is impossible to see and correctly assess the road situation. Also, the driver may not be able to identify the signs due to snow.

Low temperature

The rubber from which the tires are made hardens in the cold. This causes a decrease in your grip ability. Thus, the contact between the wheels and the road becomes less reliable, in addition to significantly increasing the braking distance.

Tips From Motorbike Spares To Drive Safely In Winter

Make sure that motorbike spares summer tires are replaced by winter tires before the cold weather hits. Winter tires are made from a special rubber blend that maintains their elasticity even at low temperatures. In addition, the rubber compound of snow tires has a high silicon content, which serves to improve grip on slippery roads. The tread of these tires is also optimized to suit the characteristics of a wet and slippery road surface. For example, some tire manufacturers include special moisture absorbing micro pumps for ice in the tire tread.

Special Motorbike Spares Chemicals For Ice

Before starting, you should remove the snow from the car and clean the windows of the accumulated ice. Special scrapers or brushes are used for this, in addition to there are also. It is important to completely remove the ice from the windows. Snow and mud should be removed from the wheel arches and fenders in due course.

When frozen, they hinder normal wheel rotation, affecting and hindering maneuverability in corners. Also make sure not to start the car with snow on the roof: if it falls, it could hinder the vision of the car that follows it. In addition, you must also clean the lighting elements of the vehicle, including the signal lights. This will help other drivers to identify your car on the road.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Avoid wearing winter clothing when driving. Significantly hinders movements. In addition, oversize jackets prevent reliable fastening of the seat belt, which could result in injury in the event of an accident. You must use the climate control unit so that the interior of the vehicle is at a comfortable temperature. Clothing that is too bulky should be changed into a thin jacket or vest.

Always maintain a safe distance motorbike spares with the vehicle in front. It may be a few meters, when driving at a slow speed in a traffic jam, but you should increase it when driving on the road. Ideally, the distance between the two cars should be 2 times greater than the speed at which they are driven. For example, you are driving at 40 km / h, the distance between your vehicle and the one in front should be 80 meters.

Pay close attention to the traffic signs on both sides of the road. They will help you orient yourself in the event that you cannot identify one of them due to the accumulated snow.