A staircase safety barrier for a designer and safe interior

The installation of a staircase safety barrier is essential when you have small children at home. It is indeed one of the best ways to avoid falling, which is one of the most common household accidents among young children. But should we sacrifice interior decoration for all that? If you are keen on the appearance of your interior, know that it is quite possible to use a staircase security barrier for a designer and safe interior. Focus.

A staircase safety barrier for a safe interior

safety barrier

The staircase safety barrier is essential when young children move around the house. Unaware of the danger, they may crawl and fall down the stairs. And despite the vigilance of parents, accidents happen quickly, as they say. Thus, the installation of this kind of device is essential.Aware of the danger of falls on the stairs for children, some stair builders like Fontanot offer all-purpose stair gates. Given the risks, parents must always ensure that the stair gates they are about to buy meet the various safety standards currently in force. Among the most important are the EN1930-2011 standard (in force in Europe) and ASTM F1004-12 (in force in the United States).

In any case, you have to take the time to learn more about the different characteristics of the safety barrier to be sure to buy a quality product. Several points deserve attention:

Age group intended for use 8(generally up to 24 months)
Type and strength of the material of manufacture
Toxicity or not of the finishing paint (because we all know babies put everything in their mouths)

A staircase safety barrier for a designer interior

Safety barrier

The primary function of a staircase security barrier is not at all to make the interior design. This point, however, is essential for people who attach great importance to safety without neglecting the appearance of their interior. This category of consumers then opts for a safety barrier that is both reliable and attractive.

And the manufacturers are well aware of this. They understood that they must offer a high quality barrier that is both very design. This is the best way for them to stand up to the competition. Because yes, the competition is fierce even in the staircase safety barrier market.

Now, the security barrier no longer appears as the intruder or that foreign element that spoils the entire decoration of the room. Indeed, its design can perfectly blend subtly with the characteristics of the decoration of the premises, on condition of course to turn to a brand that cares about this aesthetic side and that works with talented and creative designers.

To take the example of Fontanot, this Italian manufacturer mentioned above, its staircase security barrier, called Kalypso, comes in a sleek design, with a neutral color and some ultramodern graphic patterns. In short, all families wishing to set up a staircase safety barrier will be able to find the perfect product to combine safety and design.

The manufacturers of safety barriers for staircases offer design products and a perfect appearance in addition to being solid. They know how much consumers are concerned with security and interior design. These solutions thus meet everyone’s expectations. And to complete the prevention provided by the safety barrier, find on this page some practical advice to protect children from domestic accidents.