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Now hopefully this you know sounds like you know that that doesn’t make sense and I would invite people Newcastle Psychologist if you do have that intuition or you have that thought you know Psychologists ‘d invite you to maybe kind of challenge that a little bit maybe wonderful words this thought come from if that doesn’t make sense.

If we all have a right to you know talk about these things that cause us to stress you know where does this where does this gut feeling come from outside of battle that I learn it somewhere potentially newcastle psychology the last thing that Psychologists ‘ll talk about is you know the sentiment that people sometimes express they’re coming into therapy and having to consult with a psychologist.

Somehow psychological health implies that they’re stupid right that they should have known something they should have been able to solve their problem to recognize what it’s about and should have been able to address it on their own right it’s kind of related to that sort of last obstacle about being weak and not one to lean on people and so on but what’s interesting.

Psychological Services

Here is that it’s sort of frames therapy as something that you know again the Psychologists clinician talked about this in another article is supposed to educate the client to tell them Psychological Therapy something to talk explicitly and abstractly about you know how to resolve this thing and again Psychologists don’t think that’s what therapy’s is primarily about Psychologists think.

It’s that people are feeling stuck in some way because of something operating on an implicit level just outside of their awareness they can’t quite put their finger on it and they need the help of a clinician to work collaboratively with them to help identify what it is so it doesn’t in any way suggest that a person is unintelligent and quite the contrary.

I think it is an intelligent person that’s gonna realize hey I need to an objective person that kind of helped me out with some of these things
Psychologists talked about how Psychotherapy is less about this sort of explicit abstract rational analytical process and more about kind of getting at some sort of fundamental underlying in your body.

Psychological Services

This were all kind of emotional stuff there are three parts to understanding or talking about or expressing you Mental Health Care know an emotion of feeling the first part is the part that probably comes most naturally to people and that’s you know the linguistic label that we give an emotion okay so it’s sadness its shame humiliation anger rage anxiety and so on now.

This for me like the that that first part is the least important part okay in trying to Mental Health explore at least in a therapeutic sense and trying to explore or understand you know what it is that someone is experiencing where they stuck okay because in the Psychotherapy exchange like we want to see if we can kind of you know explore some of those things.

If it’s relevant if it’s related to why a person is having difficulties in their life so the labels least important because of course if Psychologists if I give someone a checklist you Mental Health care plan know of emotions and they go through this one they check it off and hand it back to me Psychologists are not any closer to the feeling and Psychologists know in an abstract sense okay this is what it is and I and I know roughly kind of what it might be like if I’ve presumably felt you know say anger sadness