How to prepare a group fitness class: 7 tips?

Knowing how to prepare a group fitness class is essential for a business that provides training, whether it is a gym or sports center that offers fitness, yoga and Pilates classes or if we are talking about a formal education center or a language academy.

It is not an easy task, so you need to know the guidelines to be able to develop group classes without failing in the attempt.

At Transcend Health we are quite familiar with all these types of centers, especially fitness centers and academies. That is why we bring you below the keys to make your group classes a success.

Advantages of a group class for your students

Sometimes there is no other option but to teach group exercise classes before individual classes: due to lack of time or number of students, it is not feasible to teach classes to a single student, since we could not cover them all.

Even so, in other cases in which we could choose to teach individually, group classes continue to have interesting advantages. Some of the main ones are:

  • Price: there are certain subjects or disciplines whose individual class implies a high cost due to the material to be used, the availability of the teacher, etc. In these situations, attending a group class entails a significant reduction for the students, since giving the class to several students allows reducing individual costs.
  • Shared learning: the fact that several people share the same space in which to learn facilitates the exchange of ideas and the assimilation of concepts in a much faster way thanks to mutual help. The fact of being able to resolve doubts in a group also facilitates the matter: many times a colleague will raise questions that the rest had overlooked, and vice versa.
  • Educational group games: the game is a very powerful tool to teach concepts, and when it is done in a group its effectiveness is increased thanks to the interaction between the participants, who compete healthily to achieve a goal. Ultimately, whether they win or not, they will have learned valuable lessons.

Characteristics that your group classes should have

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Whether you’re planning group English classes as fitness or other activity, have clear commonalities that should gather will be of great use to implement them and enjoy a great acceptance by your students:

  • Be adapted to the average level of your students. In your group classes, there may always be students who stand out from the rest and others who lag further behind. Therefore, you must find a middle ground at the level of the class you are going to teach: this will be positive for all of them, since standing out will be an incentive for the most advantaged and these in turn will be a reference for those who need to improve.
  • Have a balanced capacity. The advantages offered by group classes are undermined when the number of students is higher than ideal. And what is the ideal number of students? Well, broadly speaking, the one that allows each and every one of them to intervene equally if necessary. This will vary depending on the discipline to be taught: a group English class with 20 students will not be used in the same way as a group fitness class with the same capacity, since in the latter individual intervention is not so necessary.
  • Allow interaction with your students. Take advantage of the fact that you have a group of people in front of you who can interact with you and each other. Make them participate in the group class and let the communication flow in both directions: this will benefit their learning.
  • Taught in the right space. A group fitness program in a tiny room can be overwhelming for your clients, making sure they don’t repeat in the future. If you want to turn the situation around, look for larger facilities or, if this option is not feasible, reduce the capacity of your group classes for the well-being of your students.

The characteristics of a good group fitness class

Since Transcend Health is used in fitness centers and perhaps you are in charge of one and need to plan group classes in your facilities, we are going to apply what we have seen previously to a fitness center:

  • Personal trainers and instructors must make group workouts 100% dynamic and effective, while adhering to the users’ exercise routine.
  • It is necessary to know how to motivate students, inspire them and transmit the fundamentals of having a healthy lifestyle.
  • This approach must be transferred to a collective class, but the different aptitudes, objectives and physical characteristics of each person must also be taken into account.
  • Group workouts are a clear trend in the world of fitness, as they increase engagement and drive healthy competition. While this is good for a group, for a personal trainer it is a great challenge, because he has to work with different goals and must extract the best possible performance from each individual.

To get a good group fitness workout, follow the tips we offer below.

7 tips to create effective group fitness classes

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In order for you to lead a perfect group fitness class, you must take into account the following recommendations:

  1. Welcome: when you see a new member in the group you should introduce yourself, in addition to explaining the exercises that will be performed during training and the muscles that will be exercised. In this way, students will know the training and understand the purpose of each action.
  2. Offer a courtesy time: it is good to give a few minutes of courtesy. Also, if someone knows in advance that they are going to be late, even if it is annoying, it is convenient for them to know that they must do it without noise, without disturbing others, and that you will approach later to resolve any doubts that may arise. In this way, they will not leave the class.
  3. Transmits confidence: for students to gain confidence in your know-how, at the end of the class you must answer their questions.
  4. Get involved: caring about your students will get them involved with the activity. If someone has an injury, try to adapt the exercises that may be contraindicated to their personal needs.
  5. Do not use technical language: it is important to speak loud, clear and without technicalities. You must explain the movements well and repeat them if requested.
  6. Choose good music: music is key. You must find the perfect songs that accompany the rhythm and intensity of the classes. With a low rhythm your students can get bored, and if it is too fast or intense it can put the effectiveness of the session at risk.
  7. Maintain motivation and intensity: In a directed fitness class, motivation is essential, so do not stop encouraging students. Remind them that it is normal not to reach full performance in the beginning, and that it is not a bad thing to reduce intensity or rest as long as they do their best.

It’s simple, right? If you want your group fitness classes to be perfect, put these seven tips into practice. And since you will need to focus on what really matters – giving the best group classes – at Transcend Health.

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