Performing a Building Inspections Sydney

Building Inspections Sydney As they settle now the water goes back towards the house it’s pretty much just like not having a downspout extension pipe I write them up as missing we really want that water at least six feet away you know if our grading is not perfect that really makes it a problem even with good grading.

We like to see six foot extension pipes here it looks like we may have had a little bit of hail damage there’s one hole in the siding sometimes it’s also a lot more but I’m definitely going to document that Building Inspections Sydney there’s damaged siding on this side of the house or our gas meter here looks like somebody is freshly painted it which is good because if we have rust corrosion it likes to follow the threads in a lot of times.

We’ll get a gas leak when they’re corroded so I always recommend to keep those okay you don’t like to see any vegetation touching the siding one it’s hard on the siding two it just brings moisture of the Floor Inspection house other than that we have a little better grading on this side again we like to see downspout extension pipes up here on the edge of the roof I like to see that flashing.

Building Inspections Sydney

We always like to see Gable and drip edge flashings it does help prevent ice damming most of our Colorado jurisdictions started requiring that so I like to tell my clients it looks like we have a more recent roof but around the roof we’ll be able to see more of the date and actually see the actual condition of it Mould Inspection but like I said at least keep that vegetation trimmed up so it doesn’t touch the house okay

I like to make sure we close the gates in case there’s pets dogs things like that over here we have missing downspout extension pipe to rely on a splash back which is now settled and it’s actually sloping towards the house our patio over Timber Inspection here is concrete it’s now sloping towards the house also maybe a direct cause of this water just going underneath it and washing away if you look about six feet away.

Dilapidation Inspection We actually slope away from the house so this is a trip hazard plus it’s the water hazard because now that water is going to slope towards the house I like to tell my clients you know our job is to put on every defect we see priority wise I look at number one is safety because it’ll hurt them or kill them two is water because it can easily bankrupt you.

floor inspection

You know most people can’t afford to fix the foundation or if they can they’d Rental Inspection much rather go on vacation than pay to fix that foundation so water is very very detrimental you know anything they can do to remove it from the house is a good thing over here a little bit of warp siding you know all that tells me.

If somebody had their gas grill too close to the house I do typically advise my clients to Strata Inspection have at least a couple feet away or to put it out here on the end so that they don’t have that problem you can see up here they’ve added soffit venting which is lower roof in ting that’s good.

Because it’ll help keep a cooler attic it’ll make er shingles last longer it’ll make a healthier house okay New Home Inspection we are missing the glass globe I’ll talk to my clients about it we typically don’t make a huge deal of that deal but we do like to have that sealed up because the electrical and the water issue here