Performing a Building Inspections Newcastle

If you do clockwise counter clockwise if you want to do the same house or same way every house it doesn’t matter if the house a , square foot , Building Inspections Newcastle square foot you know the worst day and this happened to me when I was very doing the business I came in and I checked things and kind of worked around.

I had to go back that night knock on the door and asked if I could inspect fireplace now when timber pest reports I do my systematic approach I come to the fireplace science Beckett so always get into routine always do the same inspection if somebody asks you to come look at something just set your bag down go back to your bag and you can start inspection again.

So I’m going to come in I’m going to take a bunch of pictures I will come back to the door will start the instruction now timber pest inspections I do always make sure I get a picture of everybody pool certification who is in the inspection in the reporting or not in the report but on my camera that way if they call you down the road you can remember what your client looked like you know when you do forth out or – inspections.

defect inspections

A year you’re not going to remember everybody’s face so that way you can put the name of the face it’s much easier when you’re talking to them down the road  defect inspections when I get in I like to turn the oven on when I’m coming around and taking my pictures that way when I start inspecting I’ll come and I’ll switch over to broil but that we want to get to actually inspect the kitchen.

I turn the oven off that way at night I’m not wondering didn’t leave the oven on you know I’ve done that nobody likes doing that you know it’s not dilapidation inspections something we want to do so any system you can come up with it’s going to prevent that is a good thing you know just looking at this I’m going to do some of the obvious right now.

As I’m walking through like type of plumbing floor structure things like that but we’re looking at a gas oven a gas oven is supposed to have an external discharged dilapidation reports fan I’m not seeing any venting system for the house so I’m going to write that up as safety as a gas oven is allowed to put on parts per million carbon dioxide you don’t want to be breathing that so.

defect inspections

I’ll talk to my cousin or my clients one of the options is to open the window for now but the long-term solution really is to get a venting system in here now pre-purchase building reports right over here is the garage I’m going to snap a couple pictures you know we should have a self closing fire rated or you know this one here looks like a new door but it doesn’t close.

So I’ll be writing that in the report when I come in and inspect the garage I’m going to do a much more thorough job than this but just looking up here I can see there’s a radon mitigation system that’s what that fan is right there I actually pre-purchase building inspections heard it venting on the outside of the house earlier when I was in the roof so I suspected we had one but I want to make sure this was done to the current standards like right now I’m gonna write down in my report the closure was missing and I say these are just little things.

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