The way to the influencer is rocky – Some Principles

  • Expertise has a higher value than the handling of many topics
  • The blog is still the strongest influencer content platform
  • Many successful influencers offer to coach that makes it easier to start

Do you want to be an influencer? Good decision!

Influencers are the new opinion makers on the Internet, have more coverage than daily newspapers and have an immense impact on online consumer behaviour.

This is the reason why influencers are currently among the most sought-after advertising partners on the Internet, earning four to six-figure fees for cooperation with companies.

And a new generation is already in the starting blocks. For example, eleven, twelve-year-old boys post on Instagram via Matchbox cars and have 15,000 followers.

Their career aspiration is an influencer. Online tutorials like “How to become a successful influencer” are extremely popular. Of course, everyone has the success stories of Bibi, Dagi Bee and Xenia Overdose with millions of followers in mind. But the way there is stony;

This is the quintessence of our experience in dealing with some 35,000 influencers and around 10,000 implemented campaigns:


Micro vs. macro: Define your reach

Ask yourself the question: In which subject area can I establish myself as an expert for a well-defined target group? It’s better to be The expert in indoor football, ice fishing or Australian hyacinths, as the thousandth fashion or food infuser.

Advertising partners hate wastage. A small but well-defined follow-up is worth more than a long reach in a variety of subject areas. Another critical point: We have had the experience – and studies prove this – that micro-influencers (with a follower number of between 5,000 and 25,000) are more credible than the “influencer stars.”

The right platform

Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter … all platforms where you can build great coverage with attractive content. But do not forget that if you have no knack for visual content, like pictures or videos, some platforms are not.

The blog is still the strongest influencer platform when it comes to informative content that does not get along with 140-character limitation or square images.


Tracking and optimization

The key to success is understanding your audience / followers and how they interact with you as influencers and your content. Use tracking tools like that of a well-known search engine or influencer marketing platform to measure which content is being consumed the most.

Instagram, Twitter and Youtube themselves provide information about which content causes the most comments and likes. Find a mentor

Learn from the best. Many successful bloggers and influencers offer to coach to help establish themselves as influencers. Also, there are some learning platforms and countless articles to get started in the colourful life of an influencer.