A life as an influencer is more than a 9 to 5 job

  • I earn my money with workouts and collaborations on Instagram
  • Occupational and private sometimes mix more than I like
  • Still, I could not imagine a better job for myself at the moment

I would not have believed myself that I would someday earn my money with Instagram until a few years ago. I have a model figure neither nor am I famous or have the typical beauty face that could be marketed for Companies.

Even my life has little parallels to all those lifestyle profiles and all the glitz you find on Instagram. Instead, I’m pretty normal, imperfect and struggling with problem areas that you normally do not like holding in the camera. But just this normality, this imperfect and unvarnished reality, is my recipe for success.

It all started four years ago. At that time, I signed up for Instagram to encourage weight loss through fitness and nutritional photos shared on a regular basis. At regular intervals, I posted my athletic achievements to keep my followers up to date and useful tips on healthy eating, exercise and weight loss.

Influencer – Added value instead of just advertising

The initial few users who followed my account have now reached more than 330,000 – so many that I can now live on it. Several times a day I post pictures of my food, fitness exercises or the little flaws every woman has. To prove that all bodies are beautiful and you do not need to be ashamed of cellulite at all.


Above all, I earn my money through cooperations with companies whose products I test and with whom I then take pictures or videos. For example, I work with Rama and make delicious sandwich recipes, or train in Nike or Adidas outfits, shooting videos of exercise that my followers can do. As a result, all my postings have added value and exceed the content of little advertising.

My whole family is now working with

Of course, this implies a particular responsibility. My followers trust my referrals, and I know the impact of my posts. Especially in my target group – girls and young women – many rely on the opinion of influencers like me and like to buy the products. For that reason, I would never put things in the camera behind which I do not stand behind 1000 percent.

Exactly for this reason, and in order not to be completely dependent on advertising partners, I also organize workouts, running groups and fitness festivals. My whole family is now busy and helps me with organization and marketing.

This gives me the freedom not to have to accept every offer and to decide for myself which partners I work with. Influencer marketing only works as long as it stays authentic and matches your brand. And that’s why I do not keep every protein bar in the camera, just so I make money.


Inspiring others is my dream job

Of course, there are also days when it all gets too much for me, and I would rather crawl into bed instead of putting pictures of me on the net. But I can not and do not want to separate private and professional life, so switching off is not always easy. The pictures on my channel are not only professional but also private. But that’s exactly what I wanted and will continue to do so.

That’s why being an influencer is often more than a 9 to 5 job. It’s more than putting a product in the camera here and there and smiling. But that’s exactly why I love my job and could not imagine doing anything else right now. Inspiring young people to a healthy life is the dream job for me.